Form 08

´╗┐Travelling one could see that the differences steadily disappeared: all cities tend to look like each other, the places changed their forms and arrangements. A formless dust was able to invade the continents.
(Italo Calvino)

In this collection we will speak about forms with photography, which is in turn a form of light and shadow, that infinitely reproduces an event that took place only once and that cannot be repeated again exactly: the loving gesture of the artist craftsman who, through the memory and mind, has given sense to form and given it the taste of beauty and grace.
The artist instinctively fights against the homologation of forms because he understands that form and content are never far apart since they can be two sides of the same coin. When forms flatten out it is as if we had nothing more to say. Creating is a form of magic that transforms something external into something we recognise, which is part of us. And we recognise the form of this magic before we perceive the content. Form hosts and relates the content, be it poetry or music, time and space.
This is what children do when the draw and tell a story together: the form and the content are close together on the tip of the felt-tipped pen. None of us have the form of our life handed to us or imposed upon us.
The tree and the stars cannot choose the form of their being. Each of us, however, must choose ours in every moment. Each of us is terribly free. The artist embraces this freedom of life and transforms it into forms, giving them a direction, a sense and a recognisable movement.
Creating forms means accepting the challenge of transforming a fact into a thought and then once again transforming that thought into forms, in a new regenerated space. Simplicity is the form of true greatness, which on one hand opposes the desert of homologation and on the other refuses to exaggerate. In the middle, as the myths of Circe and Ulysses tell us, is the battle between those who transform men into brutes and those who want to transform brutes into men. Our duty is to take part in life and take care of it, respecting its infinite and very intense energies, trying to capture its power in the eternal game of transformation.

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